The Man, The Myth

Randy Dible

My dad gave me a one-way ticket to Hawaii in 1979 when I graduated high school. I brought a camera with me to document my adventures on the North Shore, Oahu.
I started shooting the local life and surf contests there and developed a passion for photography.
When I moved back to California I started competing on the longboard circuit in the 80's, traveling up and down the coast competing and shooting the other contestants.
I really started getting serious about photography, I started developing film and prints in my black and white and color darkrooms.
As I got better I started started submitting my photos to magazines. Then I started traveling and exploring Mexico and figured out that magazines would publish more of my shots if I submitted stories with them and have had numerous articles published.
I've been published in Surfer and Surfing magazines, Surfers Journal ,Ocean Magazine,  Surfing World Australia, French, Japanese and Brazilian surf magazines and numerous other periodicals. My favorite shots are action, line-ups, empty waves, fill-flash, sunsets.
San Diego is my home. I currently reside in Ocean Beach, California, but grew up in Mission and Pacific Beach in the 70's, 80's and 90's.
I have a wide variety of photos to choose from to decorate the wall of your home or office.